Long Island Photo Gallery - Photos of Long Island


Joseph, a rough art light manipulator, "SEES" by "LOOKING." Spending as much time observing a scene before taking the camera out of the bag. "I want the viewer to be connected ... feel what it was I felt during the transaction of light." Armed with a handful of darkroom and flash courses from college and ICP, Joseph got an early taste of a camera in the photo wells of Shea Stadium. He quickly learned that an occasional double play and home run swing just wasn't going to satisfy his creative needs. He wanted something more ... less robotic. The answer was all around ... NATURE. "I am constantly knocked off my feet studying natures finest specimens." Trees, by far, are his favorite. The bark, leaves, limbs and seasonal changes.Joseph is always seeking out what is not found in the mainstream and constantly shying away from the "massly photographed" ... often going in the opposite direction of others."I haven't been directly influenced by any of the great artists.

?"I have paved my own path and created a style of my own. "I have become ever so critical of my work in the last few years ... always pushing forward." You will find Joseph, not only behind, but in front of the camera as well ... shooting at the arboretum, water's edge, city streets, racetrack, local and state parks and the well planned excursion. "See You Out There!"

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